This Memorial Day, looking and feeling great in your swimwear is easy breezy with just five steps from It Works! Global. 

The instant-results products company urges us to boost our confidence with following a few simple rules. They first say that using a body wrap such as their botantically based wrap to tone your arms, butt, back, legs, sides and abdomen is quite effective, according to a press release. 

Their second tip? Avoid sugary drinks to minimize bloating for a few days before debuting your beach body. This tip really means that you should lay off the Starbucks caremel macchiato and replace with a fresh fruit smoothie. Adding a scoop of a nutrition mix like their Ultimate ProFIT will curb cravings.

For a third helping of advice, they say to try a body lotion with shimmer and bronzing effects for a "sun-kissed" look that screams "hydrated" and "youthful." 

Then, drink lots and lots of water, avoiding those heavy frozen margaritas and daiquiris. Try pouring in a water enhancer because drinking plenty of H2O is the key to feeling and looking healthy.

And to burn more calories, play the designed driver for a group day of fun in the sun! Most likely, you will thank yourself later.

Tell us how you will make sure to look your best at the beach for Memorial Day, and this summer below!