Getaway 2013: Vacation Packing List, What You Will Need on Your Summer Adventure [VIDEO]

As summer edges closer, many of us are ready to head to exotic locations for a fun filled warm getaway. However packing is always an issue. What should we bring? What should we leave home? Are we packing too much?

Well we have a guide for you on how to prep for your warm getaway stress free.

We decided to take some pointers from Letitia from the Youtube channel Look Under Here. She gave us some helpful tips on last minute packing strategies as she prepared for a week long getaway.

She suggested packing two skirts, four to five tops, three beach cover ups, 3 pairs of shorts, and three dresses. She also threw in a few pair of heels and a few flat sandals.

For a week-long trip four to five swimsuits should hold you over and as far as accessories go, Letitia packed two hats, a belt, and a couple of pairs of sunglasses. At Beauty World News we suggest you use your own discretion when packing sunglasses, you know what you like and what you prefer to wear.

Miscellaneous items that you pack can include, your laptop, camera, goggles, snorkel, underwater camera case, snacks, and whatever other products that you think you may need for your vacation.

Letitia suggested that when packing your makeup bag it should include milk of magnesia which helps control shine. When you are in a warmer climate you skin may become very oily and this will help you maintain your fabulousness despite your minor skin mishap.

Your makeup bag should also include your foundation, waterproof mascara, eyeliner, eyelash curler, eye makeup palette, makeup brushes, tweezers, and be sure to pack baby wipes or makeup remover.

In your toiletries case there should be  sun screen and/or tanning oil, lotion, face wash, tooth brushes, soap, toothpaste, and elastic hair bands,

Your carryon items should include items that are of value to you such as your camera, wallet, laptop, and some gum just in case you are one of those people whose ears pop when they reach an altitude of 30,000 feet or higher.

Now, packing your suitcase can prove tricky because you have to stuff on your things in there. Letitia suggests that you pack heavier items on the bottom and save delicate items for the top. Use a scarf to role your sunglasses in if you do not have a protective case. You should also invest in a delicates bag to hold dirty laundry throughout your vacation.

We hope that we were some help to you in preparing for you vacation. These are just standard things that we pack for warm locations, but you may have to adjust depending on your destination.

Enjoy your trip! If you have any tips feel free to leave us a comment.

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