So we have all heard that one 'beauty in the fridge' tip:  During the summer, you should keep your fragrance or body spray in the fridge so you can get a cool, sweet smelling mist on your neck/wrist right before heading out into the hot summer heat.  Great tip, and we sure do use it, but don't stop there!  Let your beauty products invade your refrigerator a little more.  Read below to get a few additional tips that will help make your products more effective and last even longer.

What's so great about putting some of your beauty products in the refrigerator?  It helps you get your money's worth!  Whether it's your favorite fragrance, your daily moisturizer or your eye cream, refrigerating these items helps them last longer by keeping them nice and cool.  The refrigerated temperature helps slow chemical reactions and eventual changes in the formula over time, which will prolong the life of your beauty products.  Keeping your beauty items in a hot and steamy bathroom has the opposite effect.  The warmth in temperature can help trigger oxidation.  Oxidation is the chemical process that occurs when oxygen taking up electrons resulting in a loss of effectiveness in a product's formula.  Oxidation also occurs when your natural acidic oils counteract the ingredients found in your products. 

So what exactly to keep in the fridge?  If any of your products contain Vitamin C, refrigerate them.  This will keep the vitamins from breaking down in the product.  Eye creams are a fridge must as well, with the cooling effects of the refrigerator additionally helping to make eyes less puffy too.  Double score!  Moisturizers can keep your eye cream company in the fridge as well.  However, keep your beauty items out of the freezer.  The extreme cold will simply ruin the product and its efficacy.  And be sure that your beauty products and food items are all properly covered and sealed.  Not a fan of storing your beauty products alongside your food?  Some beauty junkies even have cosmetic refrigerators that can be stored anywhere.  Who knew!