Summer Hair Problems: Greasy Hair & Acne Caused By Sweat And Bangs On Forehead

Despite the heat, humidity, and beaming sun, bad hair days don't have to be with you all summer long!

Just ask Mario Russo, owner & lead stylist of Mario Russo. All this week, the Boston-based hair expert is sharing with us his top summer hair woes and the best solutions for fixing them. You're welcome!

Problem: You are "sparkling" so much that your hair has become greasy.

Solution: "Don't be embarrassed -- this happens to the best of us and luckily, the answer to this hair woe is simple," Russo reassured us.

"A hair powder like Bumble and Bumble's Hair Powder ($36), which comes in different shades to match your hair color, will work to quickly absorb the oil. For this quick fix, just spray the problem areas (10-12 inches away), let it dry and then comb through your hair." 

Problem:  The sweat and oil from your bangs are turning your forehead into a blemish breeding ground.

Solution: "While the bangs may be a great addition to your summer look, sweat paired with styling products can leave heavy debris on your forehead and cause unwanted breakouts," Russo warned. Bangs are bangin', but this definitely does not sound cute!

"In order to get your skin back to its glowing and clear self, you'll have to let it breath. This means when you're home or going to bed, pin up your bangs away from your forehead," the hair care expert instructed.

"Furthermore, it's very important to pay attention to the way you are styling your hair," Russo noted.

"When using product, simply apply a small amount to your fine tooth comb and brush it through your bangs. This will help to avoid build up, which in turn, will make your hair oily."

Suffer from these summer hair problems? Tell us with a note below if you plan to try Russo's recommendations out!

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