If you love to wear extensions, we don't blame you. But you gotta take precautions to maintain your own hair.

Even some celebs are learnng this the hard way, with Kim Kardashain suffering from hair loss due to the pull of the xtensions she had in. We talked about what makes extensions dangerous yesterday, so today we offer up some options to help get hair back into tip-top shape:

Rock Your Own Hair. This is probably the most challenging option for some, but breaking free of extensions is likely just what your hair needs. Let it breath, get back to normal, and rock styles that create absolutely no tension on your hairline. Try a hair supplement too, like Hairfinity or Viviscal to help boost your growth results. 

Clip-ins. The beauty about clip-ins is you can still get the look of extensions, but your hair and scalp can get some relief without the constant pull of permanent hair tracks.  

Cell Therapy. Human blood contains what's called autologous blood products, the driving force behind tissue regeneration and all healing that occurs in the body. When platelet rich plasma is separated from the blood at highly concentrated levels, it can then be applied topically or via syringe to specific areas of the body- simulating regrowth and healing at an extremely rapid rate and degree.

This essentially means your body is healing itself with its own blood byproduct, creating a permanent, natural solution for injuries, aging-related bodily changes and even genetically inherited issues such as alopecia or male pattern baldness.

Change Your Diet. Keeping in mind that hair is 88% protein, increasing protein intake will give one's hair shaft more strength.  Salmon, turkey, chicken, eggs and soybeans are excellent sources of protein to try adding to your meals

Minoxidil. This is an ingredient usually found in the topical solution Rogaine, minoxidil is the only FDA-approved drug that increases hair growth. More on Rogaine for women to come in a future story.

Scalp Tattoos. Ever heard of this? Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) is a permanent cosmetic "tattoo" that mimics very short hair. This innovative technique offers an alternative styling option for those who do not want or are not candidates for a hair transplant.

Cut it Short. And if none of the above work, cutting one's hair short as opposed to keeping one's hair long in an attempt to cover bald spots, is yet another great, and also timeless option. Just ask Halle. Her short hair is proof that the pixie has true power!

What would you opt for to help get your hair back on, or shall we say, off the tracks? Let us know with a note below!