Kim Kardashian recently displayed shocking hair loss after relying on extensions to boost her post-pregnancy thinning locks.

Extensions are definitely a great way to boost your locks and liven up your look, but even Kim isn't immune to their drawbacks.

How do you lose hair from hair extensions? The pull from hair extensions can lead to what is known as traction alopecia, which causes the hair to fall out after it has undergone increased tension. Ouch!

Celebrities aren't the only ones wearing extensions.  So many women are wearing hair extensions for the full, luscious tresses look. But rarely do we see solutions for hair loss caused from wearing extensions.

The Trichiological Society explained the process of hair extensions and it's potentially damaging effects.

The 'hair extensions' procedure involves the attachment of tails of up to 250 human or artificial hair-shafts to groups of naturally growing hair-shafts using metal rings, knots, or methods of 'welding' at any given point along the hair shaft.

"Whereas the procedure can enhance appropriately, it can also have disastrous consequences," explains The Trichiological Society warns on their site.

"The points of attachment usually manifest as small hard lumps often sited very close to the scalp are capable of causing headaches, real discomfort especially during pillow contact, and sleep deprivation."

Extensions that use cornrows braids can have the same effect as well.  The tractional forces created between the extensions and the braided hair can also lead to the development of traction alopecia. And the tresses in the affected area may or may not re-grow.

So what's a gal to do?! Check out our tips on how to regrow hair and protect against hair loss from wearing extensions tomorrow.