The forecast is calling for even more snow! It doesn't seem like winter is willing to release its grip anytime soon, so how about some great winter beauty tips from Patti Kapla, beauty aficionado and V.P. Business Development of leading beauty e-retailer From tips on choosing a fragrance that is perfect for this colder months, to keeping skin from drying out in the cold, get the 411 on how to make the most of your signature scent during the artic chill.

So Patti, it seems like fragrance fades more quickly in the winter. How can we make them last longer?

Since your sense of smell is not as sharp in the winter as it is in the summer -heat increases the impact of a scent, try layering your favorite scents. Lucky for us, layering with fragrance is easy to do when we have matching shower gels and body lotions offered with our favorite fragrance. Using the shower gel, soap, shampoo, etc. of your favorite fragrance will help make your fragrance last all day long!