Herbal Life: Get Stronger, Longer, Healthier Hair with "The Hollywood Pill Doctor" Paula Simpson

So Paula Simpson, a.k.a 'The Hollywood Pill Doctor' dished on what supplements celebs use to stay fabulous, and now she's back with some more must have beauty knowledge. Wanna grow your hair longer, stronger, and healthier? Consider using natural herbs! Check out which Paula recommends below:

So Paula, is it possible to grow your hair longer, or is that just a myth? 

While your hair is considered a dead protein, nutrition definitely plays a factor in its appearance and what you eat can directly affect its thickness, growth cycle and how shiny it appears.

What makes natural herbs an effective way to grow hair?

Outside of conventional medicine, herbs have traditionally been used to promote optimal health and longevity. By isolating and concentrating parts of the plant (seeds, berries, roots, leaves, flowers, bark), herbs can provide additional nutrient density over diet alone.  As we age the follicle weakens and becomes more susceptible to breakage. From a dietary perspective experts recommend consuming high quality proteins, biotin, zinc, iron, omega fatty acids and anti - inflammatory type foods to promote hair growth and shine. Some of the top foods include salmon, oysters, ground flaxseeds, avocados, dark greens, beans/lentils, eggs, nuts, cheese, and Greek yogurt. 

Which herbs are best for helping hair to grow longer? How do we use them?

- Rosemary when used topically stimulates scalp circulation and may minimize thinning or balding. Use as a scalp treatment weekly and apply 1 Tbsp of essential oil to scalp and ends. As a tea, steep 1 to 2 tsp for 10 min and enjoy between meals. As a condiment, add fresh herb to homemade salad dressings, salmon, lean beef, soups or stews.

- Horsetail is an herbal therapy that dates back to ancient Roman and Greek medicine. It can be taken as an herbal infusion daily to promote healthy hair. Steep 2 tsp for 10 min and consume 1 - 3 times per day. It also acts as a diuretic in the body, thus ensure you maintain adequate fluid intake. 

- Stinging nettle leaf has a long history of use. It is a powerful plant used to stimulate hair growth. It is proposed that stinging nettle does this by blocking the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Experts agree that excessive production of DHT harms hair follicles and growth cycles. Although women have a fraction of testosterone over men, this can happen in women too. 

- Turmeric contains potent antioxidants that have been used for many years to combat inflammation. Turmeric has been used in the treatment of cicatricial alopecia, a scalp condition caused by inflammation that damages the hair follicles and prevents growth of new hair. Try adding a dash of turmeric to bring color and flavor to rice, soups, root vegetables or scrambled eggs or omelets. 

Any herbs that help soothe the scalp or restore damaged hair?

- Burdock improves the circulation of blood to the hair follicle and can help relieve scalp irritations. It contains high levels of essential fatty acids and phytosterol compounds (a common ingredient found in hair restoration products) that are known to be effective in treating hair thinning. 

Any additional tips and tricks to help hair grow longer and stronger?

Your hair is a reflection of your inner health and outer beauty. Although males are usually more prone to hair loss, females are susceptible to hair thinning with age (hormonal imbalance), stress, following a poor diet and lifestyle and with the chronic overuse of chemical treatments and styling.  

Thanks Paula! Which herbs are you psyched to try? Tell us with a note below!

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