Valentine's Day Beauty Tips: Quick & Easy Ways to Create Romantic Waves

No time to prep for Valentine's Day? Need something super quick and easy? Leave it to hair care expert, Hasblady Guzman to give you some super fast and super fabulous hairstyle inspiration. Over the last two decades, this celebrity hairstylist has established herself as one of the most respected tastemakers in her field, recognized for setting trends and helping to reinvent the industry with fresh new looks. Check out what she suggests to get Valentine's Day ready in no time flat.

So Hasblady, is there a way to achieve a sexy Valentine's Day look that's subtle, yet noticeable?

I recommend sleeping in mostly damp to dry braids with a small amount of product that is both part gel and conditioner. In the morning, take out the braids, but make sure the hair is dry before undoing them. Then touch up with a one-inch iron rod, only in areas where it is needed. Easy and done!

What hair care mistakes take the allure and sexiness out of Valentine's Day hair? What to avoid doing?

Don't go to bed with your hair wet. Don't leave the house with wet hair in cold weather. And especially don't let your hair air dry for hours. I would also advise against coloring or bleaching your hair at home, as this will damage it, take away sheen, and cost you more money if you had just had your hair done professionally. You will have to cut your hair and patchy orange hair is never sexy!

What do you recommend we do to get a sexy salon look at home?

Protein and moisture treatments. I don't mean avocados or eggs or salad dressing in your hair. I mean in-salon steam treatments with either protein (animal free) or moisture in your hair. 20 minutes under this miraculous machine will repair weeks and weeks of neglect or roughness caused by hot tools or detangling hair in a rushed, speedy manner. Do this religiously and your hair will thank you.

What products or techniques help to make romantic hair easy to achieve?

You can never go wrong with waves. Waves that are set with hair spray before they are curled, so they are a little bit more stiffened and shaped in to a fine cascade of waves that hold up to some tousling, always look great. Try warming up the colors in your hair, adding volume with soft curls or waves. That always makes your hair look more romantic.

Any additional tips and tricks?

Keep it simple. Go for softness, unevenness, and nothing stiff or perfect - just very natural, touchable, friendly, bouncy, and gloriously glossy.

Thanks Hasblady! To learn more about Hasblady and her salon Bokaos, visit and

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