Got your foundation routine down, but looking to step your base makeup game up a bit more? Add an extra dose of gorgeousness by learning to highlight and contour your face with these four super simple tips.

The Point of Highlighting. We are always after that inexplicable glow that skin can gives off to make us look radiant and luminescent. Highlighting creates the subtle illusion of a glow hitting the parts of your face that are naturally prone to capturing the light. Using a concealer, sculpting cream, or even foundation, add a highlight from under your eyes down to the nose, in between your eyebrows, just above your Cupid's bow, and chin.

The Point of Contouring. The problem with using just foundation is it can leave your face all one shade and looking a little flat. Contouring adds dimension to your face, helping to bring out the angles of your cheekbones, narrow your nose and give additional depth. Apply your contouring shade about an inch above the temples of the forehead, just below the hollows of cheeks towards the mouth, and along the jawline.

2 Shades Up, 2 Shades Down. The rule of thumb when adding highlight and contouring to your face is to create your glow with a product two shades lighter than your normal foundation, and to go two shades darker for your contouring product. The contrast in colors will marry together nicely and create a sexy sculptural look.

Blend. Using different shades to create your final look means you have to blend, blend, blend! After applying your foundation, highlight, and contour, the biggest thing you want to avoid is harsh lines. With a blending brush, buff out the contrasting shades so that you can't tell where they start or end. Remember the final look should be detectable, but subtle.

How do you highlight and contour? Check out the famous Kim Kardashian tutorial below and tell us with a note below!