Beauty Cult Classic: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

So we did a Top 10 Countdown of beauty products you must try a while back. The list included many cult classic beauty products that are a permanent fixture in many a woman's makeup bag, but we think we might have to make an amendment to our list!

When the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream rolled onto our desks here at BWN, we wondered how in the world we could have missed this beauty classic?! Not only has this product been around since the 1930's, it has so many uses, it's actually a hybrid beauty product, disguised as a hand cream.

The legendary history of this multi-tasking formula began decades ago with the winning combination of petroleum and nourishing Vitamin E. The result was a deep peachy shade balm that knows no skin-fixing bounds, and works its magin in 8 hours. The formula not only seals in moisture to hands, but it's uses for the face and as a makeup secret weapon are endless. Celebrity makeup artist, James Vincent agrees.

In a feature story for Beautylish, the artist revealed the many uses for this wondrous hand cream, having applied it to the famous faces of Lady Gaga and President Barack Obama.

"Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream might not have the most advanced or high-tech biocell ingredients, but it delivers every time," the beauty expert explained. "The formulation has worked for more than 80 years! It's a must-have for every makeup artist or It Girl." And at just $20 a tube, it's no wonder it's a makeup kit staple. Check out some of the many uses for this amazing hand cream, courtesy of Vincent's years of expertise:

- Highlighter - Make skin look luminous with a touch of hand cream on the collarbone, knees, shoulders, and shins for a sexy sheen.

- Cuticle Conditioner - Keeps cuticles moisturized and free of dry flakes during the winter.

- Lip Softener - Helps avoid dry chapped lips by creating a seal to lock in hydration.

- Golden Glow - Skip the bronzer and apply a bit of this cream to the tops of cheekbones for a brilliant facial highlight.

- Eye Brightener - Apply a small but of this cream to the center of the lid for soft illumination and twinkle in your eye makeup.

- Youth Giver - Helps keep skin on the hands and neck looking younger so age is your best-kept secret.

- Brow Corrector - Keeps wild eyebrow hairs in place and creates a soft glow to help frame the face.

Did you get all that? Have you tried this legendary hand cream? Tell us with a note below!

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