Suffering from frizz, damages ends, flat tresses, or just plain boring hair? End your bad hair days with these great tips from Celebrity Stylist Josue Perez. Check out what the hair care guru had to tell us are his secrets to kissing bad hair days goodbye for good!

So Josue, break it down for us. What defines a bad hair day in your expert opinion?

It all starts on how you are feeling. A rough day can make you feel unattractive and lead to you pointing fingers towards your hair. Also experimenting with products or tools before a big event and not getting that final desired look, can cause a night with no selfies. 

Humidity, genetics, lackluster salon results...what are the real causes of out of control tresses?

All of the above!  The weather plays a huge factor in our hair. Too cold and our hair can appear lifeless and flat, too hot and the frizz can be out of control. Sometimes it all starts with us picking a haircut that may look good on someone else, but is not the cut for us. Genetics can also play a part in out of control tresses - but all hair can be styled and tamed. Finding the right hairstylist can really help.

How can we avoid having these nightmares on top of our heads?

Avoid having a bad hair day ever again by using the following tips:

  • Choose the right products for your hair type
  • Invest in a good hair dryer so you won't overheat your tresses
  • Don't over-wash your hair and try to comb the hair's natural oils through to moisturize it
  • Choose the right cut for your head shape and be honest with your stylist about what you want

How does our hair care regimen change if we have straight, curly, natural, wavy, and/or color-treated hair?

Curly hair tends to dry out faster so I can't stress the importance of moisturizing. For those with straight and fine hair, they should avoid using oil-based products which can weight down your hair leaving it flat and greasy. 

What products should always be in our good hair day arsenal?

Whether you're styling with a blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron - always make sure that the product has ionic properties. The Straight Express Flat Iron ($179.99) and Inspiration Pro Auto Sensor Hair Dryer ($159.99) actually feature ionic generators to deliver pure negative ions for even greater effectiveness, protection and shine. That, and a boar bristle brush. If you brush often, you'll deliver the natural oils from root to tip - eliminating dryness throughout the strand.

What products or styling techniques should we avoid?

Stop using a wooden brush and instead invest in a smaller ceramic round brush when styling. The smaller brushes will achieve tighter curls and help the style last much longer.  Also, ceramic brushes lock in more heat and they stay heated longer for a styling bonus. Wood brushes lose heat faster, which can make the hair fall flat.

Any additional tips and tricks?

Routinely get your hair cut.  By cutting every 6-8 weeks (nothing major, just a quick trim) you'll immediately revive your hair and give it new life.  A new haircut gives your mane volume, texture, shape and bounce.

Thanks Josue! Bad hair days be gone!