Beauty Editor Brain Power: The Business of Beauty, Rising Trends and Consumer Behavior

Want the scoop on the hottest beauty products from a seasoned vet? Ask Kathleen Hou! She is the Beauty Editor at New York Magazine's The Cut. Check out what Kathleen had to tell BeautyPress about what every gal should have in her beauty bag:

This month we're exploring detoxing and clean beauty. Do you think this is a response to consumers seeking a more natural perspective on beauty?

Yes, I think that people are becoming more aware of wellness. Most people have an awareness when it comes to food and are slowly thinking about its relation to beauty. I also think the idea of super-charged vitamin beauty products that are part skin care solution/part cosmetic is appealing. 

I think people are struggling to understand the balance of being natural and living their life. Some people may want all-natural products. Some people may want mostly natural, but also want a [great] Benefit mascara or a Tom Ford lipstick. Natural is definitely a buzzword, and consumers will come to find that natural has many, many meanings. 

What are some of your favorite double-duty products?

I guess I am somewhat traditional and don't believe in the idea of double-duty products. I just find that most double-duty products rarely perform both functions optimally. Like 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner, I just don't like it! But I really like BB creams for their texture and smooth finish, just not so much for their skincare function. I also believe some specific skin care balms have multiple uses, like Egyptian Magic or Earth Tu Face's Skin Stick.

From a cosmetic standpoint, I believe in double-duty though. A lipstick works just as well as a blush in a pinch, and NARS the multiple, is obviously cult-like for its multi-use appeal. 

Who are the people or media outlets continuously influencing beauty? 

Everyone influences beauty: cultural groups, internet message boards, YouTubers, beauty bloggers, celebrities, beauty editors and writers. I don't think it's one group in particular. It's as tiny as, your best friend telling you about this great new drugstore lipstick you just have to get. Beauty is personal, and sometimes influence comes in the form of a MakeupAlley review, a helpful salesperson, an article you read online, or in-person contact. 

How do you think beauty conversations will change in 2014? What are your top 5 beauty trend predictions for 2014?

As you mentioned above, natural and wellness will continue to be defined in 2014. People will come to understand their definitions of these words, as it comes to beauty. I think beauty will also on a more worldly aspect, will become more diverse and multicultural. We'll see more beauty brands targeted to the needs of specific minority or cultural groups as beauty companies recognize they are powerful consumer groups. 

Luxury will also be redefined. Beautiful beauty products will always exist, but I think consumers are savvier now and recognize that luxury doesn't exist just in packaging, but also in effective use. 

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