Kyle White’s Haute Hair Guide: How To Get Rid of Gray Hair Fast

It creeps up out of the blue, right before a big event or during crunch time. Suddenly you realize, "I'm waaaay overdue for a color touchup." That's right, grays, flat color, dull texture, plus 3" inch roots that don't qualify as ombré. Time to call on the experts!

When it comes to enviable color results the name Kyle White is at the top of the heap. He is a master of radiant, perfectly toned hues. Here, Kyle offers us his advice on emergency color. Get the 411 on quick fixes to get you through the moments until that next color appointment:

For Thin Hair. "Powder, like Color Wow ($35) or a marker like Oscar Blandi Color Pen ($23) work great," White said.  "These products are very similar in appearance to eyeshadow. Simply brush onto roots and the powder adheres to the hair without any stickiness or oiliness, both detrimental to fine hair types. Color markers impart lightweight coverage and act like liquid hair color. Application is more precise and won't drip like a spray.

For Thick Hair. "Root concealer sprays are great for thick hair types," Kyle told us. "Try Rita Hazan's Root Concelaer ($25). They cover large areas quickly and efficiently and the delivery system actually distributes product in a light steady stream exactly where it's needed. It won't budge until shampooed out." Gray Away is also a great solution to spray away those pesky hairs if you have thick tresses. Try it for $13.

For Oily Hair. "If you have oily hair, go for a powder or marker that won't weigh hair down or leave a waxy consistency behind," Kyle recommended. "The finish is dry and light, but impactful to the eye. Hair mascaras also work and temporarily color exactly where it's needed. Get creative and also use them to create highlights."

For Coarse Hair. "Try a hair color stick like the Roux Touchup Stick ($10)," White suggested. "Apply your matching shade to exposed roots as if applying lipstick. It's excellent for blending grays away and the moist consistency absorbs right into coarse hair."

What tip are you taking? Tell us with a note below!

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