Beauty Diet Tips: 5 Great Foods To Eat For Gorgeous Hair

Looking for that one secret for obtaining luscious locks? We all know that your hair is supposed to be your crowning glory! But we often find ourselves asking what we can do for healthier, stronger, and shinier strands. The answer - your diet! Consuming nutrient-rich foods stimulates the hair's proteins, nourishes and protects its fibers, and increases circulation to its follicles.

So to rock beautiful hair every day, here are a few best foods you can incorporate into your food regime:

Olives - Olives are rich in vitamin E, which increases blood flow to the hair follicles and stimulates growth and vitality. The oil in them also keeps hair soft and flexible. Eating olives can also decrease split ends and reconstruct the hair fiber to prevent dryness and breakages. Try Iberia Olives for just $3 a jar.

Chia Seeds - These seeds contain omega-3 fats, which improve the integrity of elastin and keratin, creating thick, voluminous tresses. The fats also nourish the scalp helping to boost shine. Get a bag of Carrington Farms Chia Seeds for $24.

Rice - Rice is highly concentrated in biotin, a B vitamin that helps improve the elasticity of hair and reduces brittleness. Eating rice can also nourish the hair follicle and stimulate hair cell renewal, which can help lead to thicker strands.

Black Beans - Black beans contain iron, zinc, biotin and protein - all important building blocks for the hair that strengthen and prevent chronic breakage.

Green Tea - We can't tout the power of tea enough. Drinking anti-oxidant polyphenol-rich green tea will improve your skin and boost your beauty. You can also apply it topically. Washing your hair with green tea or applying it directly to the scalp could help fix troublesome dandruff and add shine. Try Carrington Organics Green tea for $4.

How do you eat your way to gorgeous hair? Tell us with a note!

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