Beau-TEA Secrets: Steep Your Way To Skin Health

Recent news reports that tea is making a comeback in the U.S. beverage market, a trend that has not gone unnoticed. The market is expected to grow to $18 billion in the next two years, as Americans are seeking a more healthful and less caffeinated replacement for coffee. Research also shows tea consumption may help prevent a wide range of ailments, helping to prevent everything from cavities to Parkinson's disease. And some recent studies indicate tea consumption may extend throughout the body, experts believe - even benefitting beauty. So what about benefits of tea for your skin? Can you sip your way to ageless beauty and a healthier complexion?

We sat down with Top NY Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Ariel Ostad, to talk about the anti-aging benefits of tea.  Read up on his insightful answers below and find out just how boun-tea-ful this elixir can be.

The tea craze is in full swing.  What makes tea such a popular drink? 

Yes, tea is very popular with Americans. It is a very healthy drink and full of flavonoids as well as antioxidants, so it's no wonder its become a staple in the diets of so many people.

What makes tea such a great beauty treatment?

Tea is a great for maintaining healthy-looking skin.  Tea contains rich antioxidants known as polyphenols, which fight against the damaging affects of free radicals. What this means is tea ultimately helps you to fight against the signs of aging that can result in wrinkles and collagen breakdown.

What types of improvements to the body can tea offer? 

Tea is truly a great way to help improve your overall health. Tea not only helps with anti-aging but there are also beneficial for many other reasons such as the reduction of cholesterol, the lowered risk of cancer, and protection against cardiovascular and degenerative diseases.

What types of tea are best for anti-aging?  How often should you drink tea to see the benefits?

White and green tea are the best for helping to combat the aging process.  Try to drink at least 4 cups a day.

Can drinking certain types of tea also reduce or eliminate breakouts? Clear pores? Improve complexion?

Yes, green tea also helps to reduce inflammation, hormonal activity and aids in detoxification - which are all positive benefits for acne sufferers.

What tea brands do you personally recommend we try?  What makes them such standouts

When shopping for tea, look at the box to see how many catechins it has. The more catechins it contains, the better, because that means that the tea has a high level of antioxidants.  Try to buy organic green tea when you can, and store your tea in a dark, dry place.

How best to prep tea in order to get its full benefits? 

Boil the leaves for 3 minutes in water or steep the tea bag in boiling water for three minutes. 

Thanks Dr. Ostad!  Time to drink up!

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