So by now our regular readers know we here at BWN truly believe in the power of beauty sleep. Getting the proper amount of rest can be vital to keeping skin in tip-top shape, free of wrinkles, dark circles, fine lines, and that pesky puffiness we all dread. But a new study out this week proves just how vital the right amount of shuteye can be. Don't believe us? Check this out.

Turns out skimping on sleep or holding true to the myth that you can make up the hours later with an extra nap or two won't make up for the damage that's already been done. A study conducted by neuroscientist Sigrid Veasey from the University of Pennsylvania has shed new light on the dangers of sleep deprivation, so beauty junkies be warned.

The study concluded that denying your body the correct amount of time to rest and recharge can actually sap the brain of the power it needs even well after you have tried to make up for those lost hours. What's more, Veasey said that the results could be a sign of lasting brain injury. 

The study was based on an experiment conducted with laboratory mice that were kept on an inconsistent sleep schedule. The results showed the nerve cells responsible for focus and cognitive function suffered a permanent 25% reduction in productivity.

"No one really thought that the brain could be irreversibly injured from sleep loss," Veasey said to press. That assumption now appears to be just the opposite.

Sleep experts say the average person needs anywhere between 6-8 hours a night. This can be difficult, especially in the digital age of technology, but doctors also offer tips on how to combat the need to stay plugged in so you can tune out and finally get some rest. "No more TV, computer phone, none of that stuff in the bedroom," said Dr. Neal Maru to CNN. He says leave it all outside and keep your bedroom as dark as possible to make sleep easier.

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