Get In the Know About The Matcha Tea Craze
Matcha is the new kale! Celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Kiernan Shipka, Ashley Olsen and Ansel Elgort have been spotted sipping matcha tea -- and sharing it on Instagram.
Ingrid Nilsen
Beauty Vlogger Ingrid Nilsen Announces She Is Gay
YouTube star Ingrid Nilsen announces her 'coming out' to fans and followers. The beauty vlogger releases a tearful video chronicling her personal journey on her YouTube channel.
Olivia Wilde
Celebrity How To: Olivia Wilde's Bold Smoky Eyes At The 2015 Met Ball
Inspired by the Met's new costume exhibition "China: Through the Look Glass," celebrity makeup artist, Mélanie Inglessis, created a bold eye offset by a simple nude lip to accentuate the theme and complement Olivia's distinctive jeweled Prada gown and black gloves.
Eva Mendes
Eva Mendes Launches Circa Cosmetics
Eva Mendes is taking a break from acting to concentrate on her new makeup line, Circa.
Pride & Glory
First EVER Collegiate Branded Beauty Line: Meet Pride & Glory
Get ready for the first ever collegiate branded beauty line! Meet Pride and Glory. Nationally recognized beauty guru and beauty expert of over 20 years, Jennifer Walsh conceived the line of of soap, shower gel, hand wash, hand cream and body lotion, all made in the United States. Pride and Gl...
Facial Mask
Weekend Warrior Beauty: 5 Simple Ways To Reboot Your Skin
The hectic work week can wreak havoc on our skin care. You try to start the week off waking up early to take time to treat skin, but somehow by the time Friday rolls around, you're waking up in a panic, throwing your makeup on, and forgetting all the steps in between. So once Saturday and Sunday ...
3 Tips for Beauty Product Shopping with a Conscience: Expert Tips To Avoid Animal Tested Products
Animal rights advocate Santosh Krinsky says irony is nothing new in the beauty industry. "Most women are aware that animals have been used to test products," Krinsky admits. "But many may not realize that their current favorite makeup played a role in the torture of rabbits or mice, or that th...
Khole Kardashian
Back To School Beauty: How To Get Rid of Summer Acne & Breakouts For A Healthy Fall Glow Part 1
Harsh UV rays, long late nights, and lazy beauty habits; your poor skin went through one tough summer! Prepare for the transition ahead. Check out our skin care tips and budget-friendly buys for healthier skin, unclogged pores, and minimal breakouts through Fall finals:
Fall Beauty Buys: Our Personal Product Picks That Won't Break The Bank
The crisp fall season inspires us all to get a few new beauty buys, so check out this set of picks we personally recommend that won't break the bank:
Women In Office
Top Professional Pitfalls: 5 Beauty Mistakes Not To Make At Work
It is possible to look pretty in a professional setting, but there's always that co-worker that takes things a little too far. Check out our five biggest beauty blunders for the office and tell us if you or someone you know is guilty of committing these professional pitfalls:
Beauty Blunders To Avoid: 5 Things Not To Do This Fall With Your Makeup & Skin Care
A new season is always exciting to prepare for, but sometimes we can all get a little too carried away. Fall is slowly but surely creeping up on us and with the new crisp air, here are five tips to keep in mind before you go overboard:
Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie
Beauty Bust: 8 Things Husbands And Boyfriends Don't Pay Attention To
Ever doll yourself up not just to feel good, but also to get your guy to notice? Well it turns out all your effort might be all for naught according to Cosmopolitan Magazine writer Frank Kabola. The man who gives women insight into the male psyche recently appeared on FOX News and left us beau...
Vintage Beauty
5 Health Myths That Really Need to Go Away Part Two
So we helped to dispel the furst 5 myths that really need to go away. Now read up on the next set:
Gabrielle Union
Gabrielle Union Shares Her 5 Best Beauty Tips For Skin, Makeup, and Whiter Teeth
We love beauty tips straight from the celebs. Actress Gabrielle Union recently shared a wealth of knowledge on what she does to stay gorgeously fabulous. Check out what the star told Hello Beautiful about her five best beauty tips:
Natural Makeup
Less Is More: New Study Shows Men & Women Prefer Less Makeup On Faces
Before you get ready to glam it up with a vanity full of products, you might wanna read about this latest study. A new poll suggests that men and women prefer faces wearing less makeup. Published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, the study explains that both males and females w...
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