Every day, the skin especially face is exposed to toxins and impurities that lead to skin problems like blackheads, skin bumps, blemishes. These will prevent the skin from rejuvenate and later make it look dull, red, oily, dry or sensitive. Ultimately, accelerate the aging process.

If one of these problems is experienced, skin detoxification is needed. Relying on lotion or moisturizer alone will not be enough. There are so many ways to detoxify, especially the affordable ones. Check out some internal and external methods of detox like a pro from sources such as Annmarie Skin Care.

According to POPSUGAR, omega-3 fatty acids may increase the skin's natural hydration and suppleness, and promote healthy oil production. Detox Health Watch also reported that Omega-6 is a great internal moisturizer to avoid skin damage. Moreover, eating a lot more fruit, vegetables, nuts, organic foods, whole grain foods, and using sesame oil or olive oil in cooking are also very helpful.