Premenstrual syndrome or PMS can be an issue that is hard to deal with. From the bloating, headache, cramps to mood swings can happen to any women, few days before their period.

The symptoms can be painful and not easy to cope with. And it is understandable when some women decide to take some medication to overcome the pain during PMS.

Besides the medication, there are some homemade remedies that might be available at home to make. From a DIY salve to a drink can be made in order to cope with the PMS.

According to POPSUGAR, a jar of DIY salve can be made at home to ease the symptoms during PMS, including cramps, the pelvic pain, bloating and nausea. Melt 2 tbsp of organic beeswax with ¼ of coconut oil before adding some essential oils such as primrose, raspberry seed and peppermint. Then, add a few more drops of essential oils such as clary sage, a thyme and bergamot before stirring the salve, and put the remedy in a jar.

Other alternative ingredients can be added to the natural remedy, as noted by xoVain. Grape seed oil and castor oil can be used to replace the ingredients that cannot be found at home. More essential oils such as cinnamon can be added into the concoction to give the hot and cold feeling when mixed with the peppermint. Apply the DIY salve to the stomach to relieve the pain that usually happens during PMS.

A homemade drink can also be made to relax and overcome the mood swings. According to Daily Mail, a glass of herbal tea can be made, with chamomile as the ingredients to promote sleep, while nettle can be used for herbal tea to produce red blood cell, which is essential during PMS.

PMS can also be remedied by working out. According to Women's Health, exercising can release endorphins, dopamine and serotonin which help to relieve pain, trigger the pleasure and satisfaction feelings and reduce anxiety and depression.

Watch a tutorial video on how to make the DIY salve to ease the PMS symptoms: