Sephora announced they will launch a free class for people living with cancer. Undergoing chemotherapy may affect the patients such as hair follicles that would lead to hair loss and the immune system that would make skin look paler, among others. The classes will share tips and tricks in dealing with the effects.

According to Glamour, the class is called Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer, which will be a part of Sephora's Classes for Confidence program. The program is a series of free classes offered to those who are going through major transitions in their lives. The class will include the input from Sephora's employee living with cancer.

The class will open a forum, where the attendants can get tips to overcome hair loss and skin sensitivity. The curriculum also includes skincare tips, and how to find the perfect skin makeup that matches with the attendant's skin complexion, as well as personalized how-to tutorials. According to Teen Vogue, the most important aspect of the program is that it brings the people close and connect together.

According to Popsugar, Corrie Conrad, senior director of Social Impact and Sustainability at Sephora stated that the class is creating a fun vibe that is far from the hospital environment. Conrad said in a statement that the purpose is to "create a safe place for participants to learn and play with beauty, ask questions, and connect with others going through a similar situation."

As an expression of solidarity and support, each Sephora employee nationwide will be wearing a lavender lapel pin, which is a color of cancer awareness. While the employees that are undergoing a treatment or have completed it will have the option to wear a lapel pin with heart logo.

The Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer program as a part of Classes for Confidence series will be open in 50 Sephora stores nationwide. The program is available on April 9 for free.