For big fans of the movie “Star Wars,” Lip Smacker has just announced that they will release an irresistible brand-new Star Wars-themed Lip Smacker Tsum Tsum balms collection this spring. The four most famous characters from the movie are featured on funny and big caps that are deemed too cute by most people. Even the Darth Vader one, it is so cute that the black helmet and everything look so adorable.

Moreover, Refinery29 added that the irresistible values are not only about the packaging, but also their own signature scent too. With punny names too, so that they are more fun. For example, after opening the Darth Vader’s trademark of black helmet, a brown Lip Smacker balm with “darth” chocolate flavoring can be seen and smelled. On the other hand, Yoda comes in a Jedi Master minty refreshing scent; R2-D2 is delicious blueberry; while the Stormtrooper is surprisingly smells like “Ice Cream Clone.” The names and the scents of each Star Wars trademark character are so creative. Even once the product is finished, it can be a collectible figurine – considering they are so fun.

POPSUGAR reported that the full collection are available in drugstores on April, a month before May 4, National Star Wars Day. It is more than enough time to buy the entire collection. But for those who can not wait, Nylon added that if the Lip Smacker Smoochie Club in Lips Smacker’s website have been signed up by March 17, an access to pre-sale link that goes live on March 20 will be gained. Nylon added that this pre-sale link will allow members of the group to try first the lip balm. For the price, it is also reasonable. Each of the Tsum Tsum lip balm price is $4.95 after getting an access to March 20 sale.