Many people consider washing the hair on a regular basis is a requirement, either with shampoo or other hair washing. This is in contrast to other people who choose to rarely wash the hair, or even do not wash the hair at all. It is true by not washing the hair the moisture is maintained, but if the hair is not washed for too long, many weird things can happen. Here are seven things that can happen if someone did not wash the hair regularly.

According to Fashionista, the common sensation is the unwashed head starts to hurt and tingle. There is a possibility that the build-up of yeast and bacteria cause inflammation and the hair follicles are full of sebum and clogged. The weird sensation could be because of a fungus called Malassezia furfur and dandruff, or because wearing the hair up in an effort to hide grease.

If the hair is thick and coarse, and not washed for a very long time, the dirt and scalp grease can start to get chunkier. On the other hand, according to Bustle, the fine hair will get flattered as the oils weigh down it. Furthermore, due to the chunky hair and layers accumulate, the particles mix with the dirt and scalp grease can start getting sticky, and more difficult to be brushed.