Beauty guru community on Youtube is known for its crazy and unique challenges that keep being trending on the internet. Their challenge trends often inspire other Youtubers to do the same thing and it has always gone viral.

The beauty Youtube challenges that have gone wild before including the 100 layers of makeup challenge, the full face using art or school supplies challenge and clown contour challenge. But in the past few months, there has been a new trend in beauty community on Youtube, and it is a blackhead peel-off mask challenge.

The rule is simply put the black mask on the face until it dries before peeling it off of the face. The challenge comes from how painful the process of peeling it off, and people find it satisfying to watch.

So to make it crazier, there is a new challenge called 'full body blackhead peel-off mask challenge' where the challenged cover their entire body with the mask until it dries. Though there has not been so many done the challenge, the number of Youtubers beginning the challenge is growing in the past months.

A few of the Youtubers who have done the challenge are Isabella Stress, Nicole Sykes, and ItsNickBean. They covered their body, especially arms, legs, neck, chest and stomach with tubes of black peel-off masks until it dries. It is actually similar to waxing the entire body, except people are doing it for fun.

The full body peel-off challenge video posted by Nicole Sykes has gained around four million views with at least 80,000 likes. Even though the viewers have found the challenge amusing, some people assume that the challenge is a little bit racist as it is like a black face. However, the Youtubers who have done the challenge said that there is no racist intention in the doing it.

Allure noted that there are some great peel-off masks out there that could be used with the proper purpose or to do the challenge. But for the black peel-off mask, Boscia Luminizing Black Mask could be a right choice to get off the blackheads on the T-zone and to do the challenge for fun. However, any side effect of doing the challenge has not been reported yet.