MAC Cosmetics have a plan to spoil the makeup seekers, especially all the eyeshadow hoarder. The cosmetic company is releasing their newest nude eye makeup palette called "In the Flesh" and it gets everyone excited. The product is certainly a must-have for beauty enthusiasts, especially since it is limited edition.

The eyeshadow palette consists of fifteen neutral shadows that include nude matte colors such as Sandstone and Nutrelle, as well as Glam Gold and Luxury Cachet for frosty colors, as reported by Refinery29. The colors are mostly soft and suit those who seek to play it safe when it comes to eye makeup, including those who desire the classic smokey eye look.

Mac has released a nude eyeshadow palette before called "Basic Bitch". However, according to Allure, the "In the Flesh" palette is different since it has more light tan and pink colors, compared to the previous palette which was full of brown and burgundy hues.

According to Cosmopolitan, the product was first discovered from MAC makeup artist and trainer's Instagram account. Melissa Shiffer, the MAC staff, posted some sneak peek and swatches when she tried out the colors from the "In the Flesh" palette.

According to a review from Temptalia, the first row of the palette is full of warmer colors, the middle row seems more pink-based, while the bottom one is dominated by smoky colors. The "In the Flesh" palette is better than MAC's previous products. Most of the color of the eyeshadow palette stays for six to seven and a half hour, even a few of them stays for eight hours before the colors start fading.

MAC "In the Flesh" eyeshadow palette cost $65, significantly cheaper compared to the individual shade that costs around $240 in total. The shipping cost from their website is free and the palette is launched on March 2, as reported by POPSUGAR.

Watch a quick video of MAC "In the Flesh" palette here: