On Tuesday June 9, a video that has since been garnering a lot of attention hit the internet. YouTube beauty star Ingrid Nilsen uploaded a 20 minute video to YouTube announcing she is gay. The emotional video began with Nilsen taking a shaky breath before saying, "I guess I'm just going to get right to it. There's something that I want you to know. That something is...I'm gay. It feels so good to say that."

The 26-year-old hair and beauty guru who is revered for her expert advice has more than 3 million YouTube subscribers to her channel.

The video, titled, "Something I Want You To Know (Coming Out) has over 2 million views.

Addressing fans and followers, Nilsen begins her announcement by dating back to when she first realized her sexuality at age four in preschool. "All of my crushes were exclusively girls."

"This is not something that I chose. It is something that is a part of me and will always be a part of me."

Nilsen goes on to talk about how she hid her sexuality as she grew up in an environment that 'did not universally accept homosexuality.'

When bringing up the matter of dating men in the past, the beauty vlogger asserted that she was still grateful to have had dated each of them, namely her most recent (and in her words, 'last') boyfriend whom she spoke of fondly, saying that he had been "kind, respectful and supportive."

Nilsen closes the tearful and heart-felt video on a positive note:

"I'm not going to apologize for who I am anymore. This is the life that I have always lived in my head and now it's real...I've just dreamed about taking this piece of me inside of that cabinet and putting it in the space that it's always had inside of me. I'm giving myself the best chance. And so should you. I love you guys."

Watch Nilsen's video announcement below.