Known for their quirky beauty innovation on women's insoles, Margarita Floris and Tina Aldatz are now making waves with their new company Savvy Travelers. This is following the success of Foot Petals®,

Savvy Travelers, according to Ground Report, is an array of products aiding travelers for their "beauty and wellness needs." Made especially for those people who are always on-the-go.

"We've always been obsessed and intrigued with the concept of wipes," said Floris, as cited by WWD. It was said that the idea of creating Savvy Travelers came to existence during the times when Floris would always keep on wiping off makeup from her phone.

WWD describes Savvy Travelers to be more like a "towelette" made to remove just about everything that a beauty traveler would think about. It was made to serve as a substitute of products which are usually banned by airport security.

Savvy Travelers in their website comes in eight different variants namely, Speak Eazy, Klean Offz, Take Offz, Klean Upz, In the Klear, No Sweat, Lift Offz and Bottomz Up. It covers everything from the face, the nails, up to the booty.

Floris also prides that their wipes are "not just wipes" but they have been formulated in a way to perfectly fit in a woman's need. She adds that this is their way of making wipes "cooler."

Prices for each Savvy Travelers wipe ranges from $2.50 for a pack of two up to $10 dollars for a pack of 10. They also offer sets such as the "Red Carpet Ready Kit" for $25 and the "Jet Set Kit" for $15. Another is "Wipeaholics" which is a 30 wipes monthly subscription for $20 per month.

This ultimate beauty wipes according to WWD are being sold at "airports, stationery stores, hospitals, gift shops and online." Savvy Travelers is also available at Ricky's, Paper Source and C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries and has also seen potential international markets in U.K. and Australia.