Why Diets Don't Work & What To Do About Losing Weight Part 2
Who doesn't want to be slim and trim, and healthy? And who hasn't gone on a diet to help lose those few extra pounds? But diets might not be the best way to slim down. Beauty4Media recently explained the reasons why dieting is more torture than it is effective. If you mised Part One, click here. ...
Why Diets Don't Work & What To Do About Losing Weight
What do most people do when they want to lose weight? They go on a diet. And for the vast majority, it won't be the first diet they've been on. And the reason they are planning to start another diet? Because they believe diets work. But if that's true, why would people ever need to embark on m...
Are Juice Cleanses Harming Your Teeth? Dentist Tells Us The Real Truth About The Diet Craze
Juice diets and juicing are becoming more popular than ever. If you missed our tips on how to know what's in your smoothie protein drink, click here. But what do these diets entail and are they actually good for your health? Top celebrity cosmetic dentist Dr. Joseph Banker, took some time to tell...
5 Questions to Ask Before Chugging Down a Protein Shake Part 2
Looking for a protein shake to fill you up? Read these essential tips from sports drink guru Anders Porter of Team Core Power.
How To Keep Your Brain Fit: 5 Health Tips To Help Avoid Alzheimer's Disease Part 2
While everyone wants to get fit and look good, we often forget we have to exercise our brains! With Setpember being World Alzheimer's Month, we sat down with neurosurgeon Dr. Brett Osborn to learn what we can all do to keep our noggens in shape. Miss Part One of our talks with the expert? Check i...
5 Questions To Ask Before Chugging Down a Protein Shake
Back in the day, the only people you found gulping down protein drinks were big, hulking body builders. Now, according to one nutrition industry expert, more than 60% of consumers are enhancing their diets with protein drinks and powders. "Hundreds of protein powders and drinks have flooded in...
4 Helpful Tips For How To Lose Weight & Get Into Shape
In the spirit of fitness, our staffers here at BWN have decided to pool our personal fitness tips together to share them with our readers. Be they silly or small, every little bit helps when you're trying to get psyched for physical exertion!
Gym Bag Beauty: 4 New Product Essentials For Your Workout Routine
While Fall is officially here, the summer will be back around before you know it. Time to whip those bodies into shape and grab that gym bag! We've got a few great updates for that sporty duffel bag of yours. Conder these 4 little essentials the next time you pack up for a sweat down:
Runner’s Face, Sun Damage, & Thinning Hair: 3 Reasons Why Over-Exercising Can Be A Bad Thing Part 1
Are you a tired and true athlete that loves to keep fit and exercise whenever you can? If so, board certified dematologist Dr. Doris Day has a few errors of caution for ya. "Baby, we born to run! But exercise, when overdone, can stress the body," the expert said. "Whether you're taking part in ...
The Dangers Of Energy Drinks: Experts Explains Why Energy Boost Beverages Cause Bad Side Effects For Your Health Part 2
Schoolis back in session, and with the demands of classes, sports, and the busy frind of life, many will look for that extra boost of energy. But food and science expert Budge Collinson warns us all to stay away from those too-good-to-be-true energy drinks. The term "energy" drink is an unfort...
Busy Back to Fall Season: Expert Shares 5 Nutrients That Help You Stay Energized Part 2
Summer is officially over and its time to get back into the regular grind. But are you ready? Food and science expert Budge Collinson has some nutritional advice that can help you prepare for your busy schedule. "Replacing the nutrients that are depleted when you're active is a much smarter wa...
How To Lose Weight: Expert Doctor & Bodybuilder Debunk Workout Training Myths Part 2
No matter what the season, we could all use an extra trip tot he gym. Beach bod dreams aside, there are some real myths out there about how women should think about exercising. I you missed the first set, click here. Ready to learn more? Dr. Brett Osborn, New York University-trained, board-certif...
How To Lose Weight: Expert Doctor & Bodybuilder Debunk Workout Training Myths Part One
While many Americans battle obesity and their effects such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, there are many choosing to prevent those conditions by exercising regularly. "The Centers for Disease Control recently estimated that only 20% of us get the recommended amount of daily exercise," Dr...
Runners World: New Study Warns That Running & Jogging Can Cause Bad Teeth
It's no secret that running can be great for the mind, body and soul. Who doesn't love that rush of endorphins and that sense of accomplishment after a great run? But runners beware, what it's doing to our teeth may surprise you.
Strength Training For Women: 5 Exercises To Prevent The 'Disease of Aging'
"If you want good health, a long life and to feel your best well into old age, the most important thing you can do is strength-training," Dr. Brett Osborn told us. Osborn is the author of Get Serious, A Neurosurgeon's Guide to Optimal Health and Fitness. "Our ability to fight off disease resid...
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