In the spirit of fitness, our staffers here at BWN have decided to pool our personal fitness tips together to share them with our readers. Be they silly or small, every little bit helps when you're trying to get psyched for physical exertion!

Make healthy food taste good. So once you're ready to start eating healthy, forcing yourself to eat things that you don't want to can easily make you revert back to your old ways right away.

Great feasting healthy meals are key. Consider a vegetable stir-fry, tasty fruit smoothies, and supplementing the beverages in your meals with water, natures best beauty secret. You'll be surprised by the results.

Keep your goals to yourself. Sometimes it's best not to share with the world you're trying to get fit and lose weight. Start by getting a good momentum going and let the results speak for themselves like many of the stars do.

Staying mums the word on your fitness and diet plans also helps keep the naysayers at bay and unsolicited advice from sabotaging your focus. Remember getting in shape is more mind over matter. So keep your mind clear of outside fog.

Start Small.  Can't commit to a gym membership? Your favorite show is the perfect time to get your workout on. In those four minutes, you can really get a lot done. Use the commercials to knock out the sets of exercises you've set for yourself.

Again small fitness goals make things easier to master and build upon. Be consistent with your regimen, no matter where you do it, and you'll feel accomplished for the day.

Look forward to your cheat day. Probably the best tip of all, plan what you're going to indulge in on your cheat day in advance.

It definitely gives you something to work for all week long. They key to this is eating healthy up until cheat day, so you're not the least bit guilty.

Got any exercise and fitness tips? Share them below!