The National Sleep Foundation's Sleep in America poll found a "compelling association between exercise and sleep."

"We found that exercise and great sleep go together, hand in hand," Max Hirshkowitz, the chair of the poll task force, said to Reuters. "We also found a step-wise increase in how vigorous the quality is, in terms of how much you exercise. So if you say you exercise a lot, we found better sleep quality. For people who don't exercise at all we found more sleep problems." Exercisers in the study had these results with only 10 minutes of exercise. That's not that much!

Doctors, beauty gurus, and experts are quoted again and again on the importance of sleep. Ongoing sleep deficiency will raise your risk for "chronic health problems" and can "alter parts of your brain" (emphasis added). If that's not enough, anyone who's pulled an all-nighter can attest to the devastating effects it can have on your appearance. I don't know if this is true for everyone, but just one sleepless night will transform me into a banshee child -- semi-dreadlocked hair; deep, dark rings under lifeless eyes; bone-chilling screeching; the works. It's not the best look.

Exercise is, like sleep, another thing that everyone "in the know" is convinced is important. Not only does it improve your mood and stamina, but it also reduces the risk of dying prematurely and helps you stay in shape, whether your goal is to lose your love handles or be able to competantly fight off an attacker (you never know...)

Kill two birds with one stone and exercise before bed. You'll get fit, sleep better, and avoid terrorizing your friends and co-workers by howling messages from the Otherworld as you roam the hills of Scotland.