Reader questions: Are e-cigarettes bad for you?
This daily column will answer reader questions to the best of my ability.
Daily tutorial: Get Kim Kardashian's look
Makeup Geek TV has all sorts of amazing hair and makeup tutorials, from celebrity looks to Halloween makeup. Since she might be jealous of all the coverage her step-brother, Brody Jenner, has been getting since the announcement that he was joining The Kardashians, let's give Kim Kardashian some link...
The 9 craziest beauty treatments in history
In the age of fish pedicures and bull semen hair conditioning treatments, you'd think that things couldn't have ever been stranger in the beauty world. Think again! These 9 beauty treatments employed everything from poison to crocodile dung in the name of beautification. Check out this list of the c...
The Dow reaches record highs: Products for a fatter wallet
The big news today is that the Dow reached "record highs" because of Chinese economic growth and people buying stuff in Europe. Apparently Nasdaq and the S&P are up too! I'm not a stocks and bonds expert per se, but I feel this could be good news for everyone. To celebrate the sunny financial outloo...
7 Pinterest boards to meet your every beauty need
In the mood for braids? Nail art? Winter skin solutions? Check out these 7 Pinterest boards to meet your every beauty need.
Celebrate Heidi Klum's new spot on "America's Got Talent" with her beauty tips
Heidi Klum was recently named the fourth judge on "America's Got Talent." In honor of the model-turned-maven's new job, take a look some of the beauty tips she's given throughout the years.
Exercising before bed will help you sleep better
The National Sleep Foundation's Sleep in America poll found a "compelling association between exercise and sleep." Read about why you it's worth breaking a sweat before bed.


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