Heidi Klum was recently named the fourth judge on "America's Got Talent." In honor of the model-turned-maven's new job, let's take a look some of the beauty tips she's given throughout the years.

On preventing shiny foreheads:

"I've been telling people about blotting paper because that's something I love. Instead of staying dry by reapplying powder over powder and powder, you take the oil off. I think that's a great trick that people forget about. I love the Clean & Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets and Victoria's Secret does a simple one. I don't think you necessarily need to spend a crazy amount of money when it's basically just rice paper."  
(From Refinery29)

On how her makeup routine changed since having kids:
"I've learned to do a lot with a little makeup: I curl my lashes, put on mascara, and apply a natural-looking cream blush. Then I finish with a soft, not-too-pink lipstick...I focus on making one feature stand out. A bright eyeliner is the makeup equivalent of a cool accessory - I draw a thin line along my top lashes to just past the outer corners, then I add mascara. It looks like you've put in real effort, even when you haven't!
(From Redbook)

On what she does to stay trim:
"I usually run between 7 and 8 a.m. Eating healthy helps too. For me, it's definitely more about food than exercising because I don't have enough to time to exercise-or maybe that's just an excuse, I don't know! If you don't have a lot of time to exercise you have to be stricter about your diet. That's what I do. I cut out a lot of carbs-you know, muffins, cakes, breads, toast, and spaghetti-and try to eat more vegetables, lean meats, and fish."
(From Elle)