Happy New Years Eve Beauty World Newsers! I am revving up for 2014 with all my new beauty buys, but I'm really into getting my tresses into tip-top teriffic shape. From hair supplements to oils, and a tried and true hair growth treatment, I'm preparing for some healthy hair flipping this year. Check my picks out below!

So with so much buzz and amazing before and after shots all over Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, I've decided to start trying the supplement Hairfinity. These vitamins are formulated with hair specific nutrients to nourish hair from the inside out and promote faster growing, longer, thicker, stronger, and more vibrant hair. I'm excited to see what these pills can do to help my crown as results are said to be seen as early as one month! Try it for $24 and test the results for yourself.

Next up, I'm loving Beautiful Curls Hydrating Curl Oil with Shea Butter and Coconut. This delectable elixir was given to me as a gift, but I'll definitely be purchasing another myself. Founded by renowned fair trade brand, Alaffia, this line of hair care products works on all types of hair textures and curl types. For $9, you'll get Certified Fair Trade, handcrafted Shea butter and virgin coconut oil to soften and de-frizz even the driest curls while adding shine and brilliance.