We've all heard of beauty brands that give back, but hearing the story of Alaffia's founder, Olowo-n'djo Tchala, will make you look at any one of their skincare products with new eyes. A native of Togo, Kaboli in West Africa, Olowo-n'djo and his wife have taken the Shea nut and turned it into an endless resource of healthy skin for their customers and a healthy way of life for their fellow countrywomen and children. Click through the slideshow to learn more!

With the Shea nut growing in natural abundance in Togo, Alaffia founders have discovered a way to bring their women healthcare, their children education, and the town a sustainable way of earning a living. Shea Butter is a natural emollient beloved by beauty junkies all over the world. By choosing Alaffia as your Shea source, you get the highest potency of Shea and help to enrich a community.

"We pride ourselves on creating the best Shea Butter," said the brand's founder. While FDA standards in the US require only 1% of a moisturizer's formula to include Shea in order for it to be marketed as a Shea Butter product, Alaffia represents a brand with items close to nearly 100% derived from unrefined Shea butter.