Defy Aging from the Inside Out: Check Out The New 'Beauty is Bone Deep' Campaign

Women have been fighting the superficial signs of aging since the beginning of time. But while we are nipping, tucking, moisturizing and concealing, all to combat the outward signs of aging, a recent consumer survey revealed nearly 3 out of 4 women said they believe that feeling their age would be worse than looking their age. 

Bayer HealthCare, the makers of calcium supplement brand Citracal, is partnering with beauty icon Dayle Haddon and Susan Randall, Director of Science and Education for the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) to announce the launch of Beauty is Bone Deep, a national campaign that encourages women to focus on inner strength (physical and emotional) as the foundation of beauty.

"With a career in modeling that spans decades, I know how much emphasis can be put on superficial beauty - battling wrinkles and dyeing our hair to fight the signs of aging - but as a result, far too many women are ignoring what's happening on the inside," said Dayle Haddon. "That's why I'm proud to help spread the word about the importance of women including a calcium supplement in their health and beauty routine to support bone health. True beauty radiates from within and it starts with strong bones."

Calcium is essential to supporting bone health throughout a woman's life. By the age of 20, the average woman has reached her peak bone mass so focusing on bone health as early as possible will help to support our bone health as we age.

"Calcium is a vital mineral to support bone health. And while the number of women suffering from or at risk for osteoporosis continues to climb, the majority of women aren't currently getting the calcium their bodies need," said Randall. 

Despite their focus on defying aging, women don't have the facts straight about bone health. In a recent survey conducted by Bayer HealthCare, only 19% of women 40+ years of age could accurately identify how many of milligrams of calcium are recommended for their age category each day, yet 75% of women believe they are frequently getting the recommended amount of calcium with their current diet. The truth is nine out of 10 women over 50 years of age are not getting enough calcium from food alone. 

Women are encouraged to visit to learn more about the benefits of calcium supplementation with Citracal, get age-defying tips from Dayle Haddon and enter for a chance to win a Beauty is Bone Deep makeover in NYC.

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