No matter what the season, we could all use an extra trip to the gym. Beach bod dreams aside, there are some real myths out there about how women should think about exercising. I you missed the first set, click here.

Ready to learn more? Dr. Brett Osborn, New York University-trained, board-certified neurological surgeon and bodybuilder debunked the top three ideas standing in the way of many women's goals for healthier, better bodies:

Women: "But I don't want to look like a man." Females who lift weights won't look like men; they do not have the hormonal support to pile on a significant amount of muscle mass. "Female lifters will, however, assume a shapelier figure. 99.99% of men older than 30 do not have the natural hormonal support to do so either," Osborn revealed. "All elite professional bodybuilders use androgenic agents."