How To Lose Weight: Expert Doctor & Bodybuilder Debunk Workout Training Myths Part 2

No matter what the season, we could all use an extra trip to the gym. Beach bod dreams aside, there are some real myths out there about how women should think about exercising. I you missed the first set, click here.

Ready to learn more? Dr. Brett Osborn, New York University-trained, board-certified neurological surgeon and bodybuilder debunked the top three ideas standing in the way of many women's goals for healthier, better bodies:

Women: "But I don't want to look like a man." Females who lift weights won't look like men; they do not have the hormonal support to pile on a significant amount of muscle mass. "Female lifters will, however, assume a shapelier figure. 99.99% of men older than 30 do not have the natural hormonal support to do so either," Osborn revealed. "All elite professional bodybuilders use androgenic agents."

You need to buy 'product X.' "We live in a very money-based culture - so much so, that we often place the almighty dollar above health. Get out of this mindset, at least regarding exercise," Osborn instructed.

"What counts for building muscle includes determination, intensity, consistency and safety. If you think buying the most expensive formula, training uniform or machine is necessary for reaching your potential, you're wrong. Machines often compromise the intensity required for the body you desire."

CrossFit is a good exercise program. If you want to build muscle, then Osborn says CrossFit has many problems.

"First, it encourages ballistic movements from novice lifters, and since the program's rise in popularity, there has been a marked increase in injury rates, which can set fitness goals back by many months."

"Second, you don't need to pound the body five times a week; you may increase endurance and lose fat, but you'll also lose muscle."

"CrossFit encourages overtraining and has been linked to increased incidents of Rhabdomyolysis, or Rhabdo, which is the breakdown of muscle tissue that leads to the release of muscle fiber contents into the blood." Osborn says Rhabdo can cause kidney damage.

"Third, the creators of CrossFit have encouraged the Paleo Diet, a low-insulin diet. Insulin is a necessary part of building muscle."

Agree with the Dr. Osbron? Which tips are your favorite? Let us know with a note below.

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