Gym Bag Beauty: 4 New Product Essentials For Your Workout Routine

While Fall is officially here, the summer will be back around before you know it! Time to whip those bodies into shape and grab that gym bag!

We've got a few great updates for that sporty duffel bag of yours. Conder these 4 little essentials the next time you pack up for a sweat down:

The Fix-it Spray. Überlube is a high performing, long-lasting lubricant that is used for a variety of activities ranging from anti-frizz for your hair after a crazy workout, to anti-chafing during sports! 

For sport training, Überlube helps eliminate chafing and condition skin during running, swimming, and biking. The versatile lubricant is designed to transfer sensation and reduce friction while using a very small amount of product. And when you're not in motion, the formula will dissipate to leave skin feeling soft and moisturized. Try it for $18.

Sweaty Siutations? What often deters us all from working out before going to work is the sweat factor. So consider SweatBlock. This is a clinical antiperspirant soaked on a soft towelette. A pack of 8 costs about $16.

Use SweatBlock once-a-week by firmly and thoroughly dabbing the towelette within each underarm hairline, right before going to bed. SweatBlock will not leave a film or a sticky residue. The next morning you can shower, shave, use a regular deodorant, and go about your day with confidence. 

Hard To Get Gym Motivated in the Morning? Consider using the Decleor Arome Tonic Body Mist. This spray comes from high-quality essential oils and plant extracts and a simply spray moisturizes, softens and energizes skin.  A simple spray moisturizes and energizes you for an early morning pick-me-up.

This breath of energy immediately refreshes and revitalizes with Ginseng Extract, moisturizes and softens the epidermis (Pro-Vitamin B5 and Bisabolol), while invigorating the body and mind with its fresh and subtle scents. Get it for $59.

Forget the Deodorant? Don't you hate it when you forget to pack something in your gym bag, expecially something as important as deodorant? Fear not, throw a few of these in your bag as great back-up. 

Swipes are pocket-sized, biodegradable, single use deodorant wipe infused with a natural tea tree extract that not only provides protection, but also eliminate body odor.  For $3, the small and discrete packaging makes them convenient. Plus, they are designed to withhold hot temperatures and will not melt or disintegrate as would a traditional stick of deodorant.

Planning on adding any of these your gym bag? Tell us below!

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