Vanessa Hudgens Reunited with Ashley Tisdale and Rumored to Have another 'High School Musical' Reunion with Zac Efron
Vanessa Hudgens reunited with Ashley Tisdale for a song collab and rumored to have another reunion with ex-boyfriend and co-star Zac Efron.
7 Things To Know About YouTube Star Ingrid Nilsen
YouTube beauty star Ingrid Nilsen is making headlines for a video in which she comes out as gay. Here are 7 things to know about the beauty vlogger.
Beauty Vlogger Ingrid Nilsen Announces She Is Gay
YouTube star Ingrid Nilsen announces her 'coming out' to fans and followers. The beauty vlogger releases a tearful video chronicling her personal journey on her YouTube channel.
Celebrity Beauty Secrets: EDM Dance Sensation Katia Nicole
15 year-old EDM phenom and YouTube "It Girl," Katia Nicole is steaming up the charts with the hotly-anticipated DJ Escape remix and new music video for her hit single, "The Girl Can't Help It." Katia has already been crowned the next big thing in dance music. We were lucky enough to sit down with th...
Real Techniques Creator and U.K.'S #1 YouTube Beauty Guru Samantha Chapman's Hottest Fall Makeup Looks
We know how quickly the summer heat can cool down when fall hits. But Real Techniques creator and the U.K.'s #1 YouTube beauty guru, Samantha Chapman, has some fab ideas for keeping your glow from turning gloomy. Check out the above slideshow for her trio of trendy makeup looks to take you easily fr...
Celebrity Get the Look: Audrey Hepburn, Angelina Jolie, and Natalie Portman
The change in season can have anyone itching to switch up their looks. No one wants to welcome fall without a few hair and makeup updates, but what if you're not ready to forgo all your summer shades, nor make the big chop to hair? We hear ya! It's always hard to let go of summer, so try these small...
YouTube Beauty Guru, Michelle Phan, Releases 'EM' Cosmetics Line
It's finally here! Michelle Phan highly anticipated cosmetics' line has launched and in a big way. Debuting on August 15, Em Cosmetics was 2 years in the making, with many of its impressive innovations inspired by the millions of YouTube subscribers Phan has acquired as a resident online beauty g...
YouTube Beauty Guru, Michelle Phan, Launching 'EM' Cosmetics Line
Debuting on August 15th, YouTube mega beauty guru, Michelle Phan, is set to release a fan-inspired line of cosmetics. Two years in the making, Phan has branded her new collection, 'em.' Em is a Vietnamese word that is used to affectionately address young women, similar to that of 'darling,' or 's...
Summer Skincare 101 with Michelle Phan
Now we've been giving you gals all the 411 on the best sunscreens and how to keep skin safe in the summer sun, but in case you need a seasonal skincare refresher, check out the latest video from one of our favorite beauty gurus, Michelle Phan.
DIY T-Shirt Tutorial [VIDEO]: YouTube Sensation Kandee Johnson Creates the Perfect Shirt No Sew
Quirky YouTube sensation Kandee Johnson is back! This time she is showing us different ways to cut up old t-shirts in her latest DIY project.
Lemon Sugar Scrub DIY [VIDEO]: The Homemade Remedy That Fights Acne, Age Spots, and More
Why must summer, the season we love, bring us oily skin and sunspots? Well if you thought your only solution was to sit in front of the air conditioner or pout, there's a beauty remedy for your summer breakouts.
Flashback Friday [VIDEO]: Rosie the Riveter Hair Tutorial, How to Do a Retro Pin-Up with a Bandanna or Scarf
Rosie the Riveter is a cultural icon in the United States. She was the symbol that represented the American women who worked in factories during World War II, she stood for feminism and women's economic power.
Makeup Artist Secrets Revealed [VIDEO]: Finally Get Flawless Skin
Let's face it we live in the world of social media where we are snapping pictures of ourselves daily. However, the camera never lies and usually manages to point out some of out biggest flaws.
Waterproof Your Makeup With Michelle Phan
Who doesn't fantasize about being a beautiful mermaid, swimming the tropical ocean with perfectly placed makeup that never runs or smudges? Well maybe you don't get that detailed, but that's what we have YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan for!
Get the Look: Selena Gomez
We know that Selena Gomez' days as a "wizard" are so over, but she is casting a spell on us with the gorgeous beauty looks she always serves up. Every red carpet, she simply knocks our socks off!
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