Quirky YouTube sensation Kandee Johnson is back! This time she is showing us different ways to cut up old t-shirts in her latest DIY project.

Somewhere lying around the house you know you have got an unflattering, old, worn t-shirt or maybe you even have a boyfriend or husband who has one, the point is you have t-shirt that is not being used.

With that said we must say that the crafty guru has showed us different ways to turn that old shirt into a trendy masterpiece.

What you will need for this project is a t-shirt be it men's or women's, Kandee even suggests that if you are tiny enough you can probably pull off an old kids shirt.

Moving on you will also need scissors, preferably fabric scissors so you can cut the shirt smoothly as opposed to having jagged edges on your top, along with a pencil, highlighter, or washable Crayola kids pen.

Getting started face the mirror with your shirt on and begin marking where you want your should straps to be. Kandee suggests making it around your bra strap area so when you wear your finished shirt you bra strap showing wont be an issue.

You can also mark how low you want the neckline to go, some people prefer plunging necklines and we at Beauty World News do not judge so by all means let your imagination run wild.

When you are done with your markings begin cutting along the lines and be sure to go back and fix any jagged edges or uneven spaces in the shirt.

When you are happy with the way the shirt looks, you are finished and free to brag to your friends about the awesome shirt you made all by yourself.

Now this is just one of the ways that you can cut your shirt. Check out the DIY tutorial below of Kandee Johnson showing two ways to make a funky t-shirt.

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