The change in season can have anyone itching to switch up their looks. No one wants to welcome fall without a few hair and makeup updates, but what if you're not ready to forgo all your summer shades, nor make the big chop to hair? We hear ya! It's always hard to let go of summer, so try these small subtle changes on for size and see what just a few minor tweaks can do to create a whole new you.

For a quick and easy change, try a different brow shape to frame your face. A small and soft change to brows makes for a totally different look. Along with tweaking brows, opt for a different part in your hair. Check out these celebrity-inspired options that one of our favorite YouTube beauty gurus, Michelle Phan, recreates in the video below to show you how simple a makeover for this fall can be.

Sweet and innocent. Straight brows and a side part can make for a great new look for fall. Inspired by legendary Hollywood actress, Audrey Hepburn, this look will take ages off of your appearance. These good girl brows are defined with a barely there arch, complemented with a center part for hair. The look is pure and the change is simple. Pure and simple!