Let's face it we live in the world of social media where we are snapping pictures of ourselves daily. However, the camera never lies and usually manages to point out some of out biggest flaws.

Besides putting a filter on the picture to make your skin look flawless you can actually just give yourself a perfect, effortless look.

With the help of makeup artist and YouTube sensation Kandee Johnson we have learned a couple of tips, tricks, and DIY routines that can make for a smoother complexion.

In your attempt at achieving a flawless complexion you can try a lemon sugar scrub, not only does it make your face feel awesome but it also helps to get rid of acne, freckles, age spots, blackheads, and more.

For oily skin you can try milk of magnesia at your local drug store, apply it to your face and put it under your regular foundation, Kandee promises your face will look amazing!

Or you can try a primer which not only makes your skin look smooth and flawless but it is also going to make your makeup adhere to your face and last longer.

Some of us still suffer from acne and think that it is not wise to use foundation for our face as it has various oils in it. However, Kandee suggests using airbrush foundation without an airbrush.

All you need is a few drops on a regular brush or a sponge and apply it all over your face like you normally would, there are no oils in it so need to worry about spreading acne around your face. It also gives you coverage and users have shown improvement on skin quality.

With summer finally here do you notice that your makeup melts away to due to the blazing heat? Why not try Model in a Bottle Sensitive Formula? It leaves your making up virtually waterproof and and keeps your makeup in place despite the temperatures.

Kandee has loads of suggestions and specific products that she turns to in order to create a flawless complexion. Check out her video of makeup secrets below and let us know what you think.