We know that Selena Gomez' days as a "wizard" are so over, but she is casting a spell on us with the gorgeous beauty looks she always serves up. Every red carpet, she simply knocks our socks off! Of course behind every glamour girl is serious glam squad, and it appears Selena has found hers in celebrity makeup artist, Robert Jones.

Jones has a makeup bag full of tricks that would leave a lot of us beauty junkies stumped on the secrets behind her magical techniques. He is the consummate makeup genie when it comes to achieving great face without the fancy hassles. Needless to say, when we found his latest tutorial on his makeup muse, Selena Gomez, we jumped for joy! No, we really jumped so high that our heads hurt. Luckily, when we calmed down, it was easy to soak up all his great beauty tips and knowledge. 

A few video highlights: Sometimes, it's all about the brows. Gomez naturally has full, thick brows, so many of her looks are created to show them off. Gomez' looks also features a lot of liner, defined eyeshadow and "really pretty glowy skin." Jones reassures us all that we can re-create the same flawless look by following three easy steps. The starlet also wears a blend of different creams and powders on her eyes so get ready for a little eye palette experimenting.

For the rest of Jones' great beauty nuggets of advice and beauty secrets on Gomez, watch the clip and don't forget to leave a note in the comments section below!