Rosie the Riveter is a cultural icon in the United States. She was the symbol that represented the American women who worked in factories during World War II, she stood for feminism and women's economic power.

A lot of the time these women who took on new jobs replaced men who were in the military. They went from being housewives to producing munitions and war supplies.

Although she stood for the strength of women Rosie the Riveter eventually became a style icon for her classic pin-up style.

Many women love to create the "Rosie the Riveter" look whether they rock it with modern or vintage clothing.

Seeing as it is summer we were looking for the perfect updo and stumbled across the Rosie the Riveter pin-up tutorial by YouTube sensation Kandee Johnson.

She takes us step by step on how to recreate the classic pin-up look that Rosie the Riveter is famous for.

For this look you will need hairspray, some bobby pins, possibly a curling iron, and a round brush for teasing.

If your hair is not naturally voluminous you are going to need help from a curling to get the ideal texture necessary for the look.

You are going to take the front section of your hair parting from the peak of your eyebrows to midway back. Take small sections of the hair and begin curling it backwards.

Place the barrel behind the small section that you plan to curl and hold the hair on the barrel so you can get that volumized bump.

Kandee suggests curling the sides as well so they curl in when you finish the look. Once you have added volume take it up a notch by using the round bristle brush to tease the roots of your hair.

In order to perfect your poof you can use a wax or smoothing cream to tame stray strands of hair.

When setting the poof in place Kandee gives her hair a twist and pinch and then uses a bobby pin which she puts in back and then forward, now is the time you can begin to add hairspray.

After you are done pinning your hair, place it in a neat low ponytail then give it s twist up and then fold it over and twist it over to the side while pinning the hair.

Then take your bandanna or scarf and fold it in half and let it rest on your shoulders. Pull the two front pieces just above your ears and flip the back piece up.

Place the tip of the back piece over the bobby pins in the poof and tie, no too tight! Space the bobby pins out but you want to pin the scarf to your hair otherwise it will slip off.

Then tuck in the excess corners in the back you can also pin them down so you will not have to worry about it throughout the day. Add hairspray to your look and you are done!

Below is a tutorial on how to tie your hair with a bandanna but click HERE for the actual Rosie the Riveter tutorial.

Check it out and let us know what you think.