Who doesn't fantasize about being a beautiful mermaid, swimming the tropical ocean with perfectly placed makeup that never runs or smudges? Well maybe you don't get that detailed, but that's what we have YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan for!

If you plan on lounging poolside or taking a dip this summer and don't want your makeup to run in warm temperatures or during playful splashes, Phan;s latest video has got you covered from forehead to chin.

Michelle has done her waterproofing homework. From brows to cheeks, eyes, and lips, the key to keeping makeup on your face during the summer heat or if you live in warm tropical climates (lucky you!) is to use makeup that stains, sticks, and smudges the right way. Don't limit your makeup palette. Choose the colors you want, just in the right formulas. Opt for versions of your regular favorites that contain primers and wax. Waxes are insoluble, meaning they are water-resistant and are ideal for any aspiring mermaid beauty. Primers are excellent for keeping your look in place, giving makeup something to grip and hold onto.

Phan uses a ton of products in this video, but we love that she highlighted the #5 pick from our Top 10 Beauty Products You Must Own Countdown. Great beauty minds think alike.

For all the pretty little details, check out Michelle's mermaid-filled video below and let us know what your waterproofing makeup techniques are in the comments section below!