Debuting on August 15th, YouTube mega beauty guru, Michelle Phan, is set to release a fan-inspired line of cosmetics.

Two years in the making, Phan has branded her new collection, 'em.' Em is a Vietnamese word that is used to affectionately address young women, similar to that of 'darling,' or 'sweetheart.'

In addition to the linguistic origin, Phan explains that Em is also a reflection of herself, set to empower a generation.  Now that's one heck of a beauty statement.

"I traveled around the world working with all you to help me develop this line," explains Phan, "YOU inspired this makeup line, and you are a part of this brand as much as I am," explained the internet beauty sensation.

Em is sure to be popular with Michelle's 4.5 million YouTube subscribers and fans. We can't wait to see what Michelle has planned for the line. Luckily the debut is only a day away! 

Check out the promo teaser below Michelle uploaded to her channel a few days ago for more info on the inspiration for her latest project.

Will you be looking to try any of Michelle's beauty products?  Are you a Phan of the beauty guru? Let us know in the comments below.