Boho Waves Tutorial [VIDEO]: Get the Perfect Hair to Complete Your Epic Summer Bohemian Look
Now that summer is here many people resort to the bohemian look. It is typically wore as a laid back yet vintage look that channels your inner hippie.
Getting Ready for the Beach with Kandee Johnson [VIDEO]: Prepare Your List of Must Haves for a Day in the Sun
Summer is here. The season of perfect tans, smooth skin, and endless fun in the sun. But boy, the work a girl's gotta do to pull off this effortless look is major! From hair, makeup, the bikini, and sun-kissed bod, how do we even start to get ready?
3 Minute Makeup Challenge [VIDEO]: Be Out the Door in Less Than Five Minutes with Flawless Skin
It's soooo tempting to hit the snooze button in the morning, but don't you regret it when you need to do your makeup and be out the door in the next five minutes? We can totally relate to this morning beauty routine struggle, so we were thrilled when we stumbled upon a tutorial that promises to help...
DIY High Waisted Shorts Tutorial [VIDEO]: Celebrate the 4th of July with American Flag Shorts
The 4th of July is just around the corner and what better way to showcase your patriotic side then to wear some American flag attire when celebrating our nation's Independence Day.
Sock Bun How to Video: Put a Spin on Your Bun with the Donut Updo
It is typical when styling your hair in an updo to resort to the classic ballerina bun, but luckily for us Kandee Johnson has a tutorial on how to put a spin on the classic bun.
DIY Faux Leather Skirt [VIDEO], Easy Summer Trend
Believe it or not faux leather skirts in fun bright colors are actually trendy this summer. Since it is a form of leather it may prove more difficult to find the look during the summer season.
Taylor Swift Makeup Tutorial: Get the Singer's Flawless Look and Cat Eye [VIDEO]
Taylor Swift typically has a flawless complexion which makes her look gorgeous whether she is going for an edgy look with bold red lipstick or a more calm appearance with a soft pink pout.
Temporary Lip Tattoos: Get the Perfect Lips For Any day of the Week [VIDEO]
Okay so we maybe we are a bit late but we love these temporary lip tattoos and we just adore the finish that comes along with Violent Lip Temporary Lip Tattoos.
Maxi Dresses: Five Ways to Dress Up Your Favorite Trend Revealed [VIDEO] Get Your Epic Summer Fashion Look HERE
With summer on its way its time to prepare you wardrobe with the latest season must haves. Now for summer, a definite go-to attire is the maxi dress, you can wear it during your day out or even dress it up for a chic evening look.
Brooke Burke-Charvet Eye Make Up Mascara Tutorial - VIDEO
How do you achieve long and luscious lashes? Actress and entreprenuer Brooke Burke shows us that the way to fuller lashes is all about the technique, along with prevention and fixing any mascara mistakes. But, for some of us, it takes getting over any fears of poking ourselves in the eye with th...
How to Get Matte Nails Using Steam
What a cool idea! We stumbled upon this clever beauty how-to on YouTube and just had to share. Beauty guru, Michelle Phan recently posted a great DIY nail video where she shows viewers how to get the look of matte nails using any bottle of regular nail polish. Matte nails are one of the most popul...
Drug Store Makeup: Tips from YouTube Beauty Guru Destiny Godley
As much as we all love a little luxury, always remember that makeup doesn't have to be designer brand. A perfect base, beautiful foundation, seamless contouring, and an overall gorgeous look can be found right at your local drug store. Not sure what to choose? Check out our girl, Destiny Godley's...
Daily tutorial: Get Kim Kardashian's look
Makeup Geek TV has all sorts of amazing hair and makeup tutorials, from celebrity looks to Halloween makeup. Since she might be jealous of all the coverage her step-brother, Brody Jenner, has been getting since the announcement that he was joining The Kardashians, let's give Kim Kardashian some link...
UFC & Ronda Rousey: Pretty Punisher Stuns UFC World and Liz Carmouche. Face of Women's UFC or Entire Sport? [VIDEO]
Ronda Rousey's riveting UFC 157 performance has changed the landscape of female athletics forever
YouTube Gurus Changing TV, Michelle Phan, Tanya Burr, Bubzbeauty, Jamal Edwards
YouTube gurus Michelle Phan, Tanya Burr, Bubzbeauty are changing TV, high-end brands should take note.
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