3 Minute Makeup Challenge [VIDEO]: Be Out the Door in Less Than Five Minutes with Flawless Skin

It's soooo tempting to hit the snooze button in the morning, but don't you regret it when you need to do your makeup and be out the door in the next five minutes? We can totally relate to this morning beauty routine struggle, so we were thrilled when we stumbled upon a tutorial that promises to help us all get ready and be out the door in less than five minutes.  Sign us up!

Sam from the YouTube channel Pixiwoo has created a cool tutorial that dares viewers to take on the 3 Minute Makeup Challenge. Learn how to cut corners without leaving the house looking as if you did your makeup in the dark.  Sounds like the ultimate beauty test.

A few tips we learned watching the video? Ditch your foundation brush. For the days when you are running late, stick with your liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer. Apply with your fingers for flawless skin in seconds. With foundation on your fingers already, use a blending brush for concealer to even out your base and create a makeup look no one will guess only took 3 minutes.

When it comes to eyeliner, to achieve a straight line in a time crunch, stealth is key. Remain calm so that your hands do not shake and cause mistakes. When it comes to false lashes, however, they don't make the race against the clock. There's simply not enough time. But if you do venture to go for your falsies, prepare to have glue all over your fingers like Sam did. Bummer.

For lips, less is more. Aim for a light amount of lipstick, seeing as you will be in a rush to put it on the lip color and a light amount helps avoid added beauty blunders.

Unfortunately for Sam she did not get to apply any shadow to her eyes, but we're guessing if you skip the lashes you will have enough time for it.

Check out the "3 Minute Makeup Challenge" below, try you hand at it, and let us know what you think!

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