DIY Faux Leather Skirt [VIDEO], Easy Summer Trend

Believe it or not faux leather skirts in fun bright colors are actually trendy this summer. Since it is a form of leather it may prove more difficult to find the look during the summer season.

Lucky for us we have YouTube beauty guru Dulcecandy to show us how to create a faux leather skirt all on our own. In the DIY video she takes us step by step and shows us how to make the perfect circle faux leather skirt.

You are going to need fun, bright faux leather as well as a zipper and thread to match your leather.

On a piece of paper trace a circle skirt that you already own and that fits you perfectly, this will help you cut corners instead of having to measure out your waist.

From there cut out the out the pattern of the skirt, then take the fabric that you are going to use to create the skirt and turn it inside out.

Next pin the cut out pattern of the skirt to the fabric and make sure the left side is pinned to the fold of the fabric. Once that is settled cut around your pattern.

To create the waistband you need to first measure your waist, then add extra inches for seam allowance. From there you can begin to sew! 

These are the basics that come along with creating a faux circle leather skirt. Check out the tutorial below for an in depth look and let us know what you think.

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