Summer is here. The season of perfect tans, smooth skin, and endless fun in the sun. But boy, the work a girl's gotta do to pull off this effortless look is major!  From hair, makeup, the bikini, and  sun-kissed bod, how do we even start to get ready?

Luckily we stumbled across Kandee Johnson's YouTube channel where the quirky bottled blonde offers up some helpful and refreshingly honest tips on how to prep your pretty before heading out into the hot heat.

One good thing about the winter, we can skip the shaving and waxing, but as the warmer months roll around its time to break out the razor. One great tip Kandee recommends is using regular hair conditioner as the perfect shaving cream for legs. Who knew!? And avoid ingrown hairs? The YouTube sensation cites Bliss Ingrown Hair Eliminating Pads as a great beauty remedy.