Brooke Burke-Charvet Eye Make Up Mascara Tutorial - VIDEO

How do you achieve long and luscious lashes? 

Actress and entreprenuer Brooke Burke-Charvet shows us that the way to fuller lashes is all about the technique, along with preventing and fixing any mascara mistakes. But, for some of us, it takes getting over any fears of poking ourselves in the eye with the mascara brush! 

Once you conquered that, just place the brush evenly up against the eye. Wiggle it going side to side and up, making sure to hit every lash. Burke likes to get as close as possible to the base of her lashes for a "black eyeliner" effect. The 'Dancing With the Stars' host closes her eyes and brushes her lashes downward to extend the tips. Then, she just cleans it up for lashes with generously and evenly applied mascara.

Then, she takes a tissue to clean the brush before going back over the lashes again. Make sure to get rid of any clumps and separate the lashes, the mom of four said in the YouTube clip below. 

The goal, she added, is coating every lash by wiping the brush onto them; this will make lashes open up and come apart. And then to finish, she takes a Q-tip with a little dollop of eye cream or a piece of tissue to clean under the eye. This is especially helpful to do for an evening eye, where there are a lot of dark shadows.

If you do all that, get ready to dazzle!       


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